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Achillo tendinitis

The Achille's tendon is attached under the heel bone and goes up the back of the leg to wrap around the calf. It allows to tiptoe and allows the leg propulsion when walking. The inflammation of this tendon is called tendonitis. This injury in mostly sport activities related



  • Pain and sensitivity to the back of lower leg
  • Retro-calcaneous bursa inflammation
  • Stiffness over the heel bone


  • Excessive Achille's tendon use when intense training
  • Friction caused by an inadequate shoe

Care and Prevention

Stop or reduce any activity to a minimum. Rest and if pain is present, apply ice for 5 minutes at the time, often in a day. Wear an ankle support splint or a compression bandage to control swelling. Moreover, keep the injured leg elevated as often as possible.


A stretching and warming up period is essential before any physical activity. If you notice no improvement after a few days, don't hesitate to see your doctor who will guide you to the best treatment for you.

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