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Foot skin dryness (Light to moderate)

Skin is slightly "desquamished" and less flexible. Dead skin parts are extensive and found in socks and on clothes.


  • External agent aggressions like dust, cold weather, sun, etc
  • Excessive use of draining soap
  • Not thoroughly rinsed out while showering or bathing
  • Natural aging of the skin


  • Intense itching is usually responsible for infections related to itching lesions
  • Presence or not of superficial skin cracks
  • Rough skin to the touch

Care and Prevention

 Effective moisturizing product application can keep away those symptoms and prevent complications. If those symptoms persist, consult a foot care specialist who can guide you into a more appropriate treatment plan.

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Refreshing & purifying mist (sweaty feet-fungus) 120ml

Refreshing & purifying mist (sweaty feet-fungus) 120ml
The mist allows for deodorizing as well as prevents risks of bacterial proliferation.
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OnychoSensé (fungus nail treatment) 15ml

OnychoSensé (fungus nail treatment) 15ml
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Exfoliating gel with apples & ginger (fungus / skin

Exfoliating gel with apples & ginger (fungus / skin
It is recommended in all cases sensitivity of the skin and the presence of fungal infections. It is also indicated for irritated skins, psoriasis, eczema and several dermatitis. It can be used on all skin types. ****VENTE RéSERVé POUR PROFESSIONEL SEULEMENT****
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