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Foot skin dryness (Severe)

Deeper dermal layer is affected and skin loses all flexibility and elasticity.


  • Absence of sweat production
  • Deficiency of sebum production, frequently found in aging condition, can also be a cause


Presence of fissured cracks in deeper dermal layer especially on heels. Those cracks are doors to infections

Care and Prevention

More specialized products can prevent those complications. To get the best results with foot care products, it is important to consult a foot care specialist or a dermatologist. They will guide you into the best treatment plan to meet your particular needs.

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Refreshing & purifying mist (sweaty feet-fungus) 120ml

Refreshing & purifying mist (sweaty feet-fungus) 120ml
The mist allows for deodorizing as well as prevents risks of bacterial proliferation.
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OnychoSensé (fungus nail treatment) 15ml

OnychoSensé (fungus nail treatment) 15ml
Our new treatment against mycosis!
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Exfoliating gel with apples & ginger (fungus / skin

Exfoliating gel with apples & ginger (fungus / skin
It is recommended in all cases sensitivity of the skin and the presence of fungal infections. It is also indicated for irritated skins, psoriasis, eczema and several dermatitis. It can be used on all skin types. ****VENTE RéSERVé POUR PROFESSIONEL SEULEMENT****
Price: $59.95

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