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Pes Cavus (Cavus Foot)

Tarsal bones axis degree is raised up, foot is arched modifying the weight transfer and absorption on the ground. The normal walking process is altered as the impact is almost exclusively absorbed by the heel. 

Care and Prevention

Shoes must be chosen to serve in function where they will absorb heel impacts when coming in contact with the ground. Also, a support sole can allow avoiding plantar fasciite and calcaneitis spine which are the most frequent complications of the "pes cavus". Different comfort and support products exist and can help prevent callus formation over the weight-bearing zones.


If there is callus presence over the weight-bearing zones and that you suffer from diabetes or vascular issuficiency, consult a foot care specialist to establish a treatment plan adapted to your needs.

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Refreshing & purifying mist (sweaty feet-fungus) 120ml
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OnychoSensé (fungus nail treatment) 15ml
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