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Plantar Fasciitis / Lenoir spur

Inflammation caused by the heel bone plantar fascia detachment or constant stretching. Many foot biomechanical problems, as well as standing up for too long on hard surfaces, are usually responsible for its development. Frequently found in sportspeople, especially runners when training intensively.


  • At first, pain sets in at the heel level and irradiates towards the internal foot arch
  • Pain is increased when raising up or after a rest period
  • In its most severe form, heel can be swollen


  • Pes cavus, splay-foot
  • Excess weight
  • Inappropriate shoes for the type of floor (concrete floor)
  • Walking in socks on hardwood and ceramic tile floors

Care and Prevention

Stretches and exercises help to relieve pain. Reduce inflammation stimulated activities. Many gel protectors and heelpieces absorb floor impacts and ease longer standing up position. Wear adapted shoes to the floor hardness. If a foot biomechanical problem is the cause, orthesis would prove to be helpful. If the problem persists, consult a foot care specialist to set up a treatment plan fit to your needs.


Plantar fasciitis should be treated as soon as the first symptoms appear to avoid calcareous spur formation called Lenoir spur. This complication is treated the same way except that recovery takes longer and sometimes needs medical infiltrations if there is no improvement after 6 to 8 weeks of conventional treatment.

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