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Toes claws

Retracted toes at the second phalanx bone are called claw toes. This malformation, more than causing corn on “bony” tubercles, are usually more painful as they cause toe tips corns.


Main causes

- High heel shoes, too short or too tall shoes sandals 
- Pes cavus (cavus foot)
- Depression of transverse arch

Care and Prevention

When the deformation is already present, it is important to prevent the joint stiffness. Toe extensor products and other types of protective products can help avoid deformation related complications. In the case when joint stiffness is already present, comfort cushions come in handy. Naturally, it is important to wear adapted shoes to avoid excessive pressure on the “bony” tubercles. Appropriate exercises can also keep some joint flexibility


If corns are painful and that you suffer from diabetes, consult a foot care specialist to set up a treatment plan adapted to your needs.

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