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Plantar Wart

There are many kinds of warts. As far as foot is concerned, we usually find mosaic and plantar warts. Often mistaken with the plantar corn, we can distinguish it by the presence of “blackheads” and the usual soft central core. This virus is very resilient and easy to pass on as it best survives, for several hours, in humid areas.



Almost always multiple “blackheads” presence in the center and usually very painful when pinched. In most cases, it is asymptomatic until it gets voluminous and/or visible.

Main cause

Contaminated by the papilloma virus. A humid foot, good blood flow and small skin lesions on the foot enhance its growth.

Care and prevention

Avoid walking barefoot in public areas like : swimming pools, hotel rooms, public showers, etc. If you suffer from excessive foot perspiration, it is important to dry them off. If you suspect the presence of a plantar wart and suffer from diabetes, first consult a foot care specialist to establish a treatment plan adapted to your needs.

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