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Skin thickening on more or less larger parts of the arch of the foot. This defense mechanism of the skin against repetitive traumas can develop into bigger problems if the attacked zones are not protected.



Starts with an intense burning sensation when walking. Development of a thick and opaque callus layer if the friction or pressure is not controlled. In its most severe form, a shooting pain when in rest period settles in as this thick layer compresses the deeper tissues, nerves but mainly, the blood vessels. If in presence of blood flow problems or diabetes, venous or arterial ulcers are most likely to happen.

Main causes

- Inadequate footwear (most frequently too loose or too high)
- Sandals
- Overweight
- Various foot biomechanical deformation as : pes cavus, splay-foot, hallux valgus, “bony” foot, are the most likely responsible for this disorder.

Care and prevention

Wearing footwear that fits your feet well and is appropriate for any particular activity. Insoles should be well padded and absorb impacts. In presence of permanent malformations, different types of protectors are available depending on the part that needs protection. If your callus hurts you or if you suffer from diabetes, consult a foot care specialist to establish a treatment plan fit to your particular needs.

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