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This is also a type of thickening skin but distinguish itself from callus by its hard and translucent central core. They form in succession of a constant, excessive pressure on an articular rigid area (ex: hammer toe).

There are three types of them depending of their development areas:

  • Corn that we find mainly on toes and on the hallux
  • Plantar-corn makes reference to the presence of corns on the arch of the foot
  • Interdigital corn found in between two toes is small and has a central cor, sometimes tiny (bone to bone contact). It is often confused with the soft corn that is caused by pores obstruction inducing an abnormal sebum accumulation.


Plantar corn

Interdigital corn

Soft corn


Acute, deep pain that disappears as soon as the pressure is eliminated. Constant, uncontrolled pressure can bring on an articular inflammation called bursitis. At the beginning, corn is white, translucent but the more the stratum corneum thickens, it turns “greyish” and/or “yellowish”.

Main causes

- Too small or narrow footwear
- High heels
- Too tight socks or with inappropriate seams as well as various toe and metatarsus malformations.

Care and prevention

Choose your shoes according to your feet features, neither too large nor too small, with appropriate insoles. Check the seams of your socks so they will not cause any abnormal pressure. If your corn hurts you, consult a foot care specialist to establish a treatment plan fit to your particular needs.

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