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Athlete's foot

This common skin infection (commonly called fungus) is a micro-organism (mostly dermatophyte agent) that typically occurs between toes (usually the 4th and 5th toes) in multiple small cracks and desquamation forms. This infection is highly contagious and in its most severe form, could infect skin up to the ankle. This condition can also develop on skin especially in humid skin folds.


Those three symptoms found together usually confirm a fungus infection
- Musty smell
- Intense itch especially at night
- Cracked and/or scaly skin doubled with a burning sensation

Risk factors

- Severe foot perspiration
- Nylon, plastic and cloth shoes
- Humid environment such as locker rooms, public showers and swimming pools

Care and prevention

- Do not walk barefoot in locker rooms and in humid public facilities
- Do not share shoes, towels, socks and foot care accessories with others
- Do not feet soak
- Change socks twice a day if your feet sweat a lot
- Have your own foot care kit If you suspect having athlete's foot and suffer from diabetes, you should consult a foot care specialist to set up an appropriate treatment plan to your needs.


People with diabetes and/or vascular disease should always get a medical professional approval before performing any self-treatment.

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