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Foot hyperhumidity with strong odor (bromhydrosis)

Excessive sweat secretion with odor sometimes difficult to bear. In its most severe form, people who have this condition can suffer from low self-confidence and even isolation.


  • Organic waste particles present in sweat
  • Fungus infections


  • Chaps and cracks under the toes
  • Whitish maceration in the interdigital spaces (in between toes)
  • Fetor absorbed in shoes
  • Wet and smelly socks

Care and Prevention

  • Thoroughly dry feet and in between toes
  • Avoid nylons and nylon socks, favor cotton and wool
  • Change socks at least twice a day
  • Always wear socks with shoes

Fortunately, many products exist to keep those skin conditions away and prevent complications. If the symptoms persist, consult a foot care specialist who will guide you to the best treatment plan for your needs.

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Refreshing & purifying mist (sweaty feet-fungus) 120ml
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