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Ingrowned toe

Skin deep penetration of the nail edge or of a nail spur left in place when clipping. When the skin is injured, inflammation and pain settle in. If this is not treated quickly, infection sets in. This serious condition can be very harmful to someone who suffers from diabetes, vascular insufficiency or from an immune disorder.




  •   Heredity
  •   Inadequate nail clipping
  •   Trauma
  •   Inadequate shoes
  •   Extended hot water foot baths

Care and Prevention

Apply salted water compress on the injures toe for about 15 minutes (1 teaspoon of salt for 1 liter of cooled down boiled water). Dry toe and apply an antiseptic ointment and a clean dressing. Repeat this for a few days. If the redness, pain and inflammation persist or increase, consult a foot care specialist or your doctor


As long as the nail part that injured the flesh will not be removed, the injury will not disappear. Self- care is not recommended as your scissors or nail clipper are not sterilized and increase the infection risk.

To avoid recurrence, clip nails in straight line, not too short and round off the corners with a nail file. Wear appropriate shoes for your feet.

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