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Hallux Valgus (Bunion)

Big toe joint curvature, more or less pronounced. The head of the first metatarsal bone curves towards the outside (varus) when the toe curves towards the inside (valgus). Hallux represents the "bunion" as we know it. Hallux valgus can be qualified as benign, average or serious according to the curvature degree.



  • Neuralgic pain of the first metatarsal head bone related to constant and excessive compression
  • Metatarsal-phalanx big toe joint outgrowth
  • Discomfort in walking process
  • Big toe curvature, more or less pronounced, but always mobile

Main causes

  • Ankle weakness causing an overload on the first metatarsal head bone
  • High heel shoes
  • Too narrow shoes or not appropriately formed to your feet
  • Can be congenital

Care and Prevention

When the deformation is already present, it is important to prevent joint stiffness. Corrective products, like «Nightime Bunion Regulator» and other types of protective products, can prevent the curvature process. In the case the joint stiffness is already present and that pain is constant and incapacitating, surgery proves to be the best therapy.


Wear shoes that fit your feet well, not too narrow neither too high. As soon as redness or discomfort appears, consult your foot care specialist who will guide you to the best treatment for your needs.

N.B. Hallux rigidus in the most frequent complication of the hallux valgus, walking is impaired since the big toe propulsion causes a joint space narrowing that modify the whole walking process of the foot.

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